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The undo command reverts back to your original text no matter if any formatting or sizing was done. — the whole quesadilla. You can use your keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Z, or press Command+Z. It lets you remove recent actions.

The replace function in Microsoft word is an important function that helps you to replace one character or word with another. Replace lets you quickly change the text in your document so that it uses the correct spelling of a specific word. For instance, if you wanted to change the word “marvel” to “Marvel”, you would use the following steps: 1. Find and Copy all instances of “marvel” in your text, which will give you a list of words in your document 2. Select all these words and paste them into a new document 3. Type Marvel in one box and then select Replace from the Edit menu

Undo command in Microsoft Word is used to undo any changes made in the document. The undo command is useful when there are changes that need to be reversed. For example, if you delete a sentence or paragraph, you can undo it by pressing Ctrl+Z (command + z) Undo command is available in most word processors. The commands differ depending on the version of the word processor

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