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You can protect your document with a password by encrypting it with a password. Whenever the document needs to be viewed, the user will need to provide the password in order to access it. You can password protect a file by encrypting it with a user-defined password. To encrypt a file, you need to choose an encryption algorithm and provide a password. Once this is done, you can set the permissions of the file. This means that only people who know the password can open and edit the file. There are two ways that you can set permissions: write and read permissions. Write permissions allow people to edit the content in the file while read permissions allow them to view it but not make changes. The default settings for reading and write permission are both set to “read” which means anyone with access to your computer will be able to view your files without any restrictions.

Adding and removing protection is a tedious, mundane task. But it can be done easily with a few clicks. However, with Markup Protection and Smart Punctuation, this is easier to do. Microsoft Word has a feature called "protection", which uses a code to prevent unauthorized persons from editing the document. Microsoft Office is the most used word processing software by businesses. It has all the features required to create professional-looking documents. But, there are sometimes situations when you cannot easily use it because of some problems. If you are using Office Word in your company, then your computer is in compliance with the Windows security rules. If someone gets access to your computer, then he can change or delete any file on your computer or access any other part of it. This will affect both you and your company's reputation with the customers because of the lack of security measures in place on your computer.

There are many ways to unlock a password-protected ms word document in hindi. - Copy the password from the file into a text file or note. - Use an editing software like Microsoft word, notepad ++, etc. - Use an online tool like which offers the most reliable way of unlocking documents online. - Make any unauthorized changes to the document and then press Ctrl+Z to undo them.

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