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The first step is to find the position that will allow you to see both the picture and the text at the same time. Simply go to the Layout tab, click Positioning, and then Horizontal or Vertical Center. The next step is to use a ruler tool to measure how far from the top or bottom of your document your picture will fall. Microsoft Word users have different default settings for image positioning within text boxes. Some people prefer to have their pictures aligned vertically while others prefer horizontal alignment. The default setting for most people is centered horizontally or vertically which means they will be centering it so it falls in between two lines of text.

To effectively edit images in Microsoft Word, you need to know what exact parts of an image you want to edit. To obtain these parts, simply select the part that makes the image appear as it is intended and then use the keyboard to crop or reduce those parts. You can also change the white balance as well as rotate and flip images.Microsoft Word has a photo editing tool called "Photo Tools".If you do not know the correct way to fix an image in MS Word, and you do not have any other ways to fix it, here are some tips on how you can fix an image with MS Word. #1) Right click on the image. #2) Select "Fix As" from the menu under "File". #3) Choose JPEG from the drop-down menu under "Options". #4) Choose "Picture Frame" under "Picture Options".

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