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Screenshots are created in Microsoft Word by clicking on the Print Screen button and then hitting Ctrl+V. The screenshot is saved to the clipboard and then it can be inserted into a document by clicking on Insert, Paste, or even drag and drop it onto a page. Screenshots are an important element of any video editing. They can be used to show viewers what you are doing during the process of editing. The traditional way to share screenshots is by using email or uploading them on cloud storage. But today, the trend is shifting towards screenshots tools like Discord, YouTube, and Vimeo. Previously, getting your screenshot ready for sharing with others involved a lot of time and effort. But now this process has become easier with the introduction of screenshot tools that quickly generate that perfect screenshot for you to share with friends or colleagues without having to go through that hassle.

If you want to print the page in MS Word, it usually takes about 10-15 seconds to get the page exactly how you want it. This may be too long for some people, especially if you are using a screen-reader. In Ms Word, there is a "Print Screen" button that is hidden from the user. When you press this button, Windows will display a frame with the message "Press any key to save." This is useful if you need to quickly print-screen text for submitting an email. This feature is not present in all versions of MS Word - so you will need to manually switch between Print Screen and Ctrl+S on your keyboard. This feature can also be disabled in the Tools Options dialog box.

Microsoft Word screenshot tool is a built-in tool which can help you to take screenshots of your document quickly and easily. By using this tool, you do not need to go through the hassle of saving it as an image file and then uploading it. You can take screenshots in three ways: by pressing the PrtScn button, by pressing Ctrl+PrtScn or by using the shortcut key combination Win+PrtScn. The latest version of Microsoft Word (2016) has introduced many new features like Screen Clipping, Screen Sharing, etc. You can use these features with your screenshots or other documents too.

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