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Smartart is a visual tool that can be used to represent a concept or idea in a document. It is available as a plug-in for Microsoft Word. Smartart can be inserted into ms word documents by using the plug-in. It is important to note that the process may take time, so it is advisable to turn on an internet connection while doing so. Inserting smartart into your document will require some time and effort - but it will be worth it in the end. MS Word has an assortment of tools available for SmartArt, including shapes, lines, arrows, and text boxes with preset fonts and colors.

Smartart is a digital art form that was first introduced by Microsoft as an element in Office 2007. It is a way of using images and graphics to represent ideas and concepts. The process of creating smartart takes place in MS Word or any other software program, but the art form must be created within MS Word.SmartArt is an image format used in Microsoft Word. There are many options for smartart editing in MS Word, but most of them do not have a dedicated smart art editor.

A Smartart graphic is a tool that provides visual representation of data. A Smartart graphic can be created in Microsoft Word using the SmartArt Buidler or on Microsoft Excel using the SmartArt Helper Object. The creator of the graphic selects one or more data points to display on the graphics, which can also be customized with text, images, shapes and colors. The name “Smartart” originates from a brand of drawing board called "Smart Art." In 1937, this brand introduced a product line that included a drawing board designed for artists and an electric drawing machine called "Director." In 1968, these products were purchased by Xerox Corporation and renamed "Smartboard."

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