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Subsidiary managers on a temporary assignment to headquarters are known as inpatriates. International assignees are defined as informational boundary spanners between MNC units, acting as both knowledge brokers and knowledge transmitters, according to a conceptual model.

An Inpat is a citizen of India who works in the United States. An expatriate (sometimes known as a "ExPat") is a person who lives and works in a nation other than their own for a period of time or permanently. A US citizen working in Saudi Arabia, for example, is an ExPat.

Is the process of sending personnel from the host country to the parent country's corporate headquarters for a set amount of time, usually as part of a management development programme.

An expatriate, often known as an ex-pat, is a person who lives and/or works in a country other than his or her home country, usually temporarily and for work purposes. An expatriate is a person who has given up citizenship in their native country in order to become a citizen of another.

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