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Important onboarding metrics to track for HR purposes include how this process influences employee experience, retention and recruitment rates, consistency and compliance, and other measurements linked to both HR goals and business results.

  • Filling time.
  • Process Step Time.
  • The Hired Personnel's Quality.
  • The ratio of interviews to hires.
  • Acceptance Rate of Offers
  • Net Promoter Score for Candidates.
  • Filling Costs

  • Take a look at the rate of new hire turnover.
  • Compare new hires' performance against that of current staff.
  • Test your onboarding process by using what new hires have learned.
  • Assess the impact of your hiring procedure on new employees.
  • 360-degree feedback should be used.

Divide the total number of completed exit interviews by the total number of exit interviews solicited or the total number of voluntary separations to arrive at a figure. To determine the percentage, multiply it by 100. This rate indicates the number of people who have completed your exit interviews.

Metrics are quantitative assessment measures that are often used to compare and track performance or production.

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