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Course Content


  • Determine why you're doing a job analysis in the first place.
  • Determine which jobs will be examined.
  • Examine any pertinent background information.
  • Plan and carry out the job analysis.
  • Create the job description and requirements.
  • Review on a regular basis.

Work activities, worker traits, and work context are the three main categories of job analysis data. We'll concentrate on work activities in this post. The work activities, as well as the company culture, are used to determine worker characteristics.

The following are the main steps in executing a job analysis project: Confirm the project's goal, such as job design, job evaluation, or criteria for selection; Determine the characteristics of the information required, such as the work context or the job inputs and outputs; Choose the methods and sources you'll use to obtain data.

A job analyst gathers data and information about the selected positions in this step of the job analysis process. Job activities, needed employee behaviours, working environment, human features and qualities, ability to perform the job, and other varied aspects of the job are all gathered.

Performance appraisal forms can be created using information gathered from a job analysis. A form that includes the job's duties or behaviours and specifies the required performance level for each is an example of a job analysis-based form. The need of job analysis is critical in this situation.

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