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A Boolean search is a search on LinkedIn that uses Boolean operators.

Some of the examples include:

  • "LinkedIn > People > United States"
  • "People > United States"
  • "People > United States, UK, Canada"
  • "People > United States, UK, Canada" AND "People > Sales"
  • "People > Marketing and Sales"

When you use two keywords together, it will look for posts that contain both of them. The Boolean search "Cats AND Dogs," for example, will return any postings that contain both words.

The following are the requirements for a Boolean search:

  • Within quote marks, type the appropriate keywords.
  • Between the terms, use the relevant Boolean search phrase from the list below.
  • As the Keyword Option type, choose Boolean. (To generate the report, click Search once all of the appropriate criteria have been met.)

Yes, you certainly can. You can use LinkedIn searches to do a Boolean search for prospecting purposes. When you need to narrow down your target audience, a Boolean search is a good option because it allows you to find as many relevant potential connections as possible.

You can omit a keyword or phrase by using the Boolean Search Operator NOT in front of it. For example, searching for "software engineer" rather than "architect" will return results that just include the key phrase "software engineer" and remove all results that include the keyword "architect."

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