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Forecasting is a method that helps to predict the future. It is a tool that can help us plan ahead and make decisions in advance. The process of forecasting is done by predicting the future based on past data.

  • Forecasting for human resources involves three important steps:
  • identify the current situation,
  • predict what could happen, and
  • make assumptions about what might happen.
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Method of Forecasting for Human Resources is a forecasting technique that predicts the number of employees needed in the future. It uses a mathematical model to predict how many employees will be needed to meet company’s target performance and how many hours each employee will work per week. The process starts by determining what percentage of time an individual works on average and dividing this by the total amount of hours worked per week.

The process of completing a human resources forecast typically takes around 8 hours. This is because the HR department needs to gather all the data they need and make sure it is accurate before they can start forecasting.

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