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The obstacles in managing dual career couples revolve around "Work-Life Balance," in addition to other incidental and in-built challenges. For greater productivity and superior dedication of dual career couples, balancing and regulating "Work-Life Situations" necessitates individual and institutional efforts.

  • DEEPER CONVERSATIONS SHOULD BE ENJOYED. Members of dual-career couples are logical problem solvers who seek out logistical answers when confronted with a problem.
  • CONSTRUCT A COUPLE CONTRACT. Couples seldom fall apart as a result of their lack of support for one another.

The most significant advantage of having a dual career couple is that you may have a single goal, which helps focus their individual lives. They must not only have a personal lifestyle agenda, but they must also have a joint goal and work together harmoniously to achieve the couple's goal.

The dual-career family is "the sort of family in which both heads of household pursue careers while maintaining a family life together," according to its original definition.

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