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Select CameraStandardTop from the drop-down menu. This shifts your perspective such that you're staring down at the earth. Select Camera Parallel Projection from the drop-down menu. It's easier to draw 2D plans when you switch from perspective to parallel projection.

The benefits of using views in SketchUp are that they allow users to see the changes in their design before they make them. They also allow designers to make changes on the fly without having to go back into 3D modeling software.

The following are some tools that can be used to create views in SketchUp:

  • ViewCube: The ViewCube is a three-dimensional perspective display tool in SketchUp. It helps you visualize your model by moving it around a virtual globe and rotating it around its z-axis.
  • Camera: The camera tool allows you to place a camera into your model and move it around with the mouse. You can also use this tool to take pictures of your model from different angles.
  • Camera Tracking: You can make your model follow the cursor by using the camera tracker tool.

The three types of views are orthographic, perspective, and top-down. Orthographic is the most common view because it allows you to see everything in your model from any angle without distortion and without having to rotate or move the view around. Perspective is a two-dimensional view that's similar to looking at your model from an eye level with a camera lens. Top-down is similar to looking at your model from above with a bird's eye view.

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