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Rectangles, circles, and polygons can be drawn with the shape tools in SketchUp. These tools are located in the Getting Started, Drawing, and Large Tool Set toolbars, respectively.

A compass, sometimes known as a pair of compasses, is a technical drawing tool that can be used to inscribe circles or arcs. It can also be used as a tool to step out distances, especially on maps, as dividers.

  • Launch SketchUp.
  • Make a foundation:
  • Create a circle with the Circle tool (C).
  • Extrude the circle up using the Push/Pull tool (P).
  • Select the Select tool with the spacebar and triple-click the cylinder.
  • Select Make Group from the Context Menu by pressing CTRL+clicking on the cylinder:
#BBD0E0 »

The 'Compass' is the tool that is used to draw a circle.

If you're still using SketchUp 8, as shown by your profile, you can either orbit the camera to urge the circle tool to orient the circle as desired, or you can use an existing face as an orientation reference by hovering over it and then pressing Shift to lock the direction.

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