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  • 6. Construction

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Use the Protractor tool to measure an angle or draw angled guide lines. The Protractor tool () can be found in several places across SketchUp's interface: Toolbar for construction. Toolbar for the Large Tool Set.

Sketchup has its own built-in tools, which are the foundation of its ease of use. They not only allow you to navigate, create, and edit a 3D model, but they also include plugins and extensions. These plugins can assist us in completing a task that native tools are unable to do.

A protector tool will also help you save time by making sure that you are not wasting time on unnecessary edits. This is because once the sketch has been locked, no other changes can be made without having to undo all previous edits.

  • There are many different types of protectors available in Sketchup. Each protector has a specific purpose, such as adding a texture to a surface or creating an opening. There are also protectors that can be used on any surface and those which can only be used on specific surfaces.
  • Ring Protector: This is the most common type of protector in Sketchup. It's essentially a ring that you place around the geometry you want to protect and then make it into one object by selecting all of the protectors together and pressing 'enter'.
  • Edges Protector: These are similar to rings but they're slightly smaller and have edges instead of a smooth edge. They're great for protecting edges from being cut off when using other tools like the Knife tool or Offset tool.

A protector can be used for many different reasons. One of those reasons is to create a transparent background for your design, which will allow the object to stand out even more when it's on top of it. Another reason might be if you need to show something like an overlay or another image on top of your design without covering it up entirely.

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