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Follow these steps to begin applying materials to your model:

  • Choose the Paint Bucket tool from the toolbox ( ).
  • Click the Select tab in the Materials screen that appears.
  • Choose a materials collection from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the resource you wish to use by clicking on it.
  • To apply the material, return to the drawing area and click one or more faces.

Follow these steps to move, scale, rotate, or skew your texture: With the Select tool, click the face with the texture you want to edit. Choose Edit→Face→Texture→Position. This enables (deep breath) the Move/Scale/Rotate/Shear/Distort Texture mode.

To copy your selection, go to Edit > Copy in the menu bar or use a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C for Windows, Command+C for macOS). Change the cursor to the Move tool icon and select Edit > Paste from the menu bar, or use a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+V for Windows, Command+V for macOS).

It's quite simple. To select all geometry, press Ctrl+A, then choose a texture and click on any face.

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