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The 3D Text tool () is located in the SketchUp interface as follows: Toolbar for construction. Toolbar for the Large Tool Set. On the menu bar, select Tools > 3D Text.

SketchUp, Google's 3-D design programme, lacks a feature for modifying existing 3-D text. You can still modify 3-D text in SketchUp by treating it like other 3-D things: as objects that you can move, rotate, scale, shape, and add other objects to.

Select the Text tool () from the usual toolbar or Tools > Text from the menu bar. To make a bounded text box, click and drag the box to the desired size, then let go of the mouse button. Simply click where you want to start typing text to create an unlimited text area. Your text should be typed.

3D text objects are not only limited to Sketchup, but they can also be used in other 3D design software such as Blender and 3ds Max. You can use them for creating logos, product packaging, and even furniture designs. Sketchup is a powerful tool that allows you to create 3D text objects from scratch or with pre-existing text. You can also import images of text from other sources like Google Images or Word documents as well.

Some of the companies that use these tools include:

  • Google: Google uses 3D text tools to create adverts and other promotional materials.
  • Honda: Honda created a 3D text tool to help design their cars. It was also used at the 2016 Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro as a way of promoting their brand and products.
  • Nike: Nike has used 3D text to create unique designs for their shoes and other clothing items.

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