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The scale tool in Sketchup is a fantastic feature that allows you to quickly resize objects while keeping their dimensions. The scale tool is most commonly used on groups and components, but you may scale anything in Sketchup, including a selection of entities.

In SketchUp, go to Window > Model Info > Units to alter the measurement units. Select an architectural, engineering, or fractional preset. Choose Decimal to choose any metric or imperial unit for length, area, and volume if you wish to personalise your units.

Reduce the dimensions to the size of the model. This is done by multiplying the length by a fixed number. To make a model that is 1/30th the size of the original, for example, divide all of the original measurements by 30.

You can reduce the scale by multiplying the foot to inch conversion by a bigger value. The size of your scale will be determined by the number you divide it by. If you divide 480 by 20, for example, the scale becomes one twentieth of the original structure.

For structures and buildings, architect scales such as 1/4 = 1'-0 (1/48 size) or 1/8 = 1'-0 (1/96 size) are employed. They're utilised to measure internal and exterior dimensions such rooms, walls, doors, windows, and the specifics of fire prevention systems. Flat and rolling scales are two other types of scales.

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