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The proper technique to save dynamic components is to right-click on the component and choose "Save As..." This ensures that the component is saved in a "envelope" file.

Changing all of a component's instances:

  • Double-click the component to bring up the context. Alternatively, you can pick it, right-click it, and select Edit Component, or simply hit Enter. To edit your component, use the SketchUp drawing tools.

A simple component can be reused and is no longer connected to other geometries. PRO If you have SketchUp Pro, you may add properties to your components to make them more dynamic. As you grow the dynamic component, users can configure particular aspects of the component, or the component can add steps to staircases or pickets to fences.

In order to make a dynamic component in Sketchup, you need to know the difference between static and dynamic components. Static components are created using 3D modeling tools like 3DS Max or Blender. Dynamic components are created using code and can be used as an interactive element on the screen.

Dynamic components can be used in many different ways including:

  • Creating a login system for your website -
  • Creating an online store with a product catalog -
  • Creating an online game with quests and achievements -
  • Creating an online community forum with user profiles, forums, polls, and more.

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