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monophthongs (single vowel sounds within a syllable), diphthongs (two vowels sounds combined within a syllable), and triphthongs (three vowels sounds combined within a syllable).

There are two pronunciations for every vowel: a long sound and a short sound. The name of a long vowel (for example, long "a" is "ay" in the word "say") is the name of the vowel. A short vowel is a shorter sound (for example, in the word "cat," a short "a" sounds like "").... There is only one vowel sound in each syllable.

English has five vowels, right? A, E, I, O and U

Vowels are required in English words to break up the sounds made by consonants. While every word must begin with a vowel, not every word must end with a consonant. Of course, consonant sounds that can be repeated without a vowel sound exist.

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