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The manner in which stresses are distributed on the syllables of words assembled into sentences. — called also sentence accent.

Saying one syllable of a word louder and longer than the other syllables is known as word stress. For example, the word "painting" has two syllables. The first syllable is stressed. Sentence stress occurs when one or more words in a sentence are spoken louder and longer than the others.

  • English has three levels of stress:
  • primary stress: the loudest syllable in the word.
  • secondary stress: syllables which aren't completely unstressed, but aren't as loud as the primary stress.
  • unstressed syllables: syllables that have no stress at all.

Stress is a good approach to emphasise the most significant parts of a phrase. It gives the listener hints to pay attention to the more significant sections of the phrase. The listener may mistake the intended meaning or have difficulties picking out crucial concepts if stress is not employed, or is used incorrectly.

It has five stages: alarm, resistance, possible recovery, adaptation, and burnout.

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