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Body language is a communication technique to express thoughts, feelings and emotions using facial expressions, gestures and postures.

A light and bouncy movement, a gentle and flowing movement, a powerful and determined movement, or a precise and bold movement are the four ways people convey their body language.

Body language has become a hot topic in the last few years. It has been used in many different fields, from sports to business. Examples of body language in English include:

  • Gestures like pointing with your finger
  • Expressions such as a smile or frown
  • Body postures such as sitting up straight on one's desk or slouching

Positive body language is a sort of nonverbal communication that places us in a comfortable, likeable, and dignified posture. Open body language, also known as friendly body language, allows us to be open and approachable to others, making them feel at ease during encounters or exchanges.

People that are confident stand up straight, have open postures, and open their arms to make full use of the area in which they are standing. When people are nervous, they may cross their arms, hunch their shoulders, cross their legs, fiddle, or keep their eyes down.

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