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There are many ways to start a conversation and it's really up to the person initiating the conversation. Some people prefer starting a conversation with a "Hi" while others might want to get more personal and say something like "I love your shoes!"

In a business context, it is appropriate to start a conversation with prospects when you have been able to identify the prospect's interests and have identified how your product or service might meet those interests.

One tip for starting a conversation in English would be to talk about something that is related to what they are interested in or an event they like. This will help them relax and get into the mood for a relaxed conversation. Another tip would be to ask them about their day so far so they can discuss their interests which is easier than asking about what they do at work or what they have been up to recently when they are not feeling too comfortable yet with each other.

When it comes to English language, there are some mistakes that people often make. The first mistake is the use of the word “farther” instead of “further.” People say "there is nothing farther than here" when they should say "there is nothing further than here." Second, people often confuse “liable” and “libelous.” These two words sound similar but have different meanings. Liable means responsible to something or someone for something, while libelous means defamatory or unkind language that may harm someone's reputation.

A conversation is a dialogue between two or more people. It can be in the form of a verbal exchange, while the participants are in the same room, or it can be written, as in an email. The most common question asked by speakers of English are ‘Where are you from?’, ‘How are you?’ and ‘What do you do?’

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