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We use 'what' to ask specific information about something. Here are a few examples of questions and answers.

  • Here are a few examples of questions and answers.
  • What is your mother's name? Her name is Lisa.
  • What time is it? It's half past four.
  • What are you doing now? I'm watching TV.

  • Closed questions (aka the 'Polar' question)
  • Open questions.
  • Probing questions.
  • Leading questions.
  • Loaded questions.
  • Funnel questions.
  • Recall and process questions.
  • Rhetorical questions.

Other words for asking inquiries in English include 'can,"should,' and 'would.' These words usually elicit a 'yes' or 'no' response, or an affirmative response. These question words aren't actually questions because they lead to an expected response.

The Levels of Questions technique requires students and authers to answer three types of questions about a book: factual, inferential, and universal. This helps students and authers comprehend and analyse the material.

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