Course Content

Course Content


  • Set aside time to read each day.
  • Set reading goals.
  • Preview the texts you read.
  • Determine the purpose.
  • Apply key reading strategies.
  • Take notes while you read.
  • Apply what you read by summarizing.
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Skimming. Skimming, sometimes referred to as gist reading, means going through the text to grasp the main idea.
Scanning. Here, the reader quickly scuttles across sentences to get to a particular piece of information.

  • Intensive Reading.
  • Extensive reading

Enhanced brain activity. Unlike watching television or streamed entertainment, reading requires focus. Improved vocabulary. By exposing students to new words, reading can expand vocabulary. Developing critical thinking. Increased ability to understand others.

Magazines. There are lots of great magazines for kids, both at the newsstand and available for digital downloads.
Comics. Don't discount the power of comics to hook kids on reading.

  • Manuals.
  • Newspapers.
  • Poetry.
  • Travel Brochures.
  • Encyclopedias.
  • Sports Programs.

The types of reading can be placed into two main categories: extensive and intensive.

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