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Expressed preference refers to data on WTP that is based on individual preferences expressed in hypothetical surveys rather than real decisions. The contingent valuation (CV) method is commonly used to measure WTP or WTS in surveys.

One language is the best way to express your preference. However, if you need to explain this in more than one language then you might have trouble finding the right words for your meaning.

  • Pronouns: She/her, he/him, they/them
  • I want to go home
  • I want to go back home

Preference refers to a preference for one thing or person over another An example of preference is when you like peas better than carrots.

Preference is one of the most common ways in which people show their emotional states. To express your preference, you can use different ways like

  • underlining words that you like and putting them in quotation marks with a brief explanation of what they mean.
  • using emoticons or an emojis instead of actual words.

"Preference" is a word with a wide range of meanings and expressions. There are many different ways to express your preference in English. Here is a list that summarise the most common ones:

  • Prefer more, prefer less
  • Prefer over, prefer under
  • Prefer on the left, prefer on the right

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