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Everyone has an incident in their life that changes it forever. For me, it was the death of my father.

When he died, I was devastated and I couldn't see a future for myself. As time went by and I had to go on with my life, I realized that this event in my life had made me stronger and wiser.

I’ve always been a creative person who loved to write. I was an English major in college and I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. Due to my father’s death, I had to find a job It took me a while, but I finally got my first job as a copywriter at an advertising agency.

I was so excited about this opportunity and the company seemed like the perfect fit for me. So, when the CEO told me that he wanted to promote me to head of content, I couldn’t believe it! It was my dream job!

The company had been struggling financially for a while and they needed someone who could save them from bankruptcy. They thought I could do it because of my excellent writing skills. We were thinking of getting a new writer who could help us make the company profitable again. "A writer is hired to help the company make a success of itself.

Storytelling is an important skill for any writer. It allows the writer to connect with their readers on a deeper level, and it also helps them to be more creative. To improve your storytelling skills, there are a few things you can do.

One way you can improve your storytelling skills is by reading books that have strong narratives. Reading these stories will allow you to observe how other authors are telling their stories and what techniques they are using in order to keep the reader engaged. You should also try writing your own stories, as this will help you learn about how different plots work and what makes a story interesting. Finally, it’s important that you practice writing dialogue as this will help you understand the nuances of conversation between characters and how they can affect the story in different ways.

The steps to narrate an incident are as follows:

- Gather all the information about the incident

- Write about what happened in chronological order

- Add details and descriptions of what you saw and felt

- Consider how this incident has affected you, your family, friends and other people

If you are asked to narrate an incident here are the points you need to consider
  • How did you feel when you were in the moment?
  • What were you thinking of?
  • How did you react?
  • What did you do to cope with the situation?
  • How do you feel now, looking back on it?

An incident is an event that leads to a specific change in the narrative. The event might be a murder, a robbery, or a fire in the building. Suspense is characterized by constant tension and uncertainty as to what will happen next. It is used in stories like horror movies or thrillers.

There are several types of suspenseful scenes that require different narration styles.
The first is the "moment in time
The second is the “conflict in time
The third is the "action in time

The climax should be a surprise that not only surprises the reader but also shows them something new about their protagonist With a good build-up, characters in your story can release pent-up emotions and make a strong impact on your reader.

In each chapter, make a promise. Create a fictitious identity. Make a puzzle out of it. Begin each chapter or section by posing a question. Use flashbacks to add fresh layers of suspense to your storey. Finish each chapter on a cliffhanger. Give your characters complex backstories.

Write your story/narration using your imagination and creativity. Throughout your storey, try to communicate a positive message. If a starting is provided, start your story/narration with it and create a proper finish. If the ending has been provided, begin your story/narration in such a way that the ending has been provided.

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