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An incident is an event that leads to a specific change in the narrative. The event might be a murder, a robbery, or a fire in the building. Suspense is characterized by constant tension and uncertainty as to what will happen next. It is used in stories like horror movies or thrillers.

There are several types of suspenseful scenes that require different narration styles.
The first is the "moment in time
The second is the “conflict in time
The third is the "action in time

The climax should be a surprise that not only surprises the reader but also shows them something new about their protagonist With a good build-up, characters in your story can release pent-up emotions and make a strong impact on your reader.

In each chapter, make a promise. Create a fictitious identity. Make a puzzle out of it. Begin each chapter or section by posing a question. Use flashbacks to add fresh layers of suspense to your storey. Finish each chapter on a cliffhanger. Give your characters complex backstories.

Write your story/narration using your imagination and creativity. Throughout your storey, try to communicate a positive message. If a starting is provided, start your story/narration with it and create a proper finish. If the ending has been provided, begin your story/narration in such a way that the ending has been provided.

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