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Course Content


  • I don't think so.
    (strong) No way.
  • I'm afraid I disagree.
    (strong) I totally disagree.
  • I beg to differ.
    (strong) I'd say the exact opposite.
  • Not necessarily.
  • That's not always true

As humans, we are constantly arguing with each other in order to learn more about ourselves and our relationship dynamics. Without disagreement, we would never question what we believe or how we behave. We wouldn't push boundaries and try new things either. Disagreement makes us better off because it allows us to adapt, learn, and grow as a society over time.

Expressing disagreement can be done in a variety of ways such as tapping your foot, pointing your finger, and nodding your head. Disagreeing is a verbalized expression of the disagreeable thought or opinion.

A disagreement is a type of conflict, either between people or ideas. No it's not! Yes it is! It's an argument. If your opinion contradicts the facts, there's a disagreement.

I don't see it that way. I'm sorry but I disagree with you on this. I respectfully disagree. I have a completely different opinion on that.

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