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You may have heard about a job opening but require a recommendation in order to apply.
Requesting recommendations

  • Could you please put in a nice word on my behalf?
  • Could you share your experience with others?
  • Could you please forward this to others?
  • Could you please tell us about your experience?
  • Is it possible for you to add me to your contact list?

Any information, or data, that is supplied to a computer for processing is referred to as input. A keyboard, mouse, or other input device is frequently used to send data to the computer. Input, to put it simply, is the process of entering data into a computer.

Input in a Sentence Examples
Noun I'd like your opinion on what we should eat for dinner. She was a great help at the beginning of the project. A keyboard or mouse provides input to the computer. There are multiple audio inputs on this VCR.

The name of the individual being suggested should be stated in the opening statement of a letter of recommendation. It may also be used to clarify why you are writing the letter. The first sentence should generally be one or two sentences long.

The primary goal of recommenders is to "assist users in finding relevant items," and the most common operationalization of this goal has been to focus on the ability to numerically estimate users' preferences for unseen items or to provide users with item lists ranked according to the estimated preferences.

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