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A strong beginning should grab the audience's attention, state the issue, make it relatable, establish credibility, and give a sneak peek at the important ideas. Because they set expectations and must complement the substance, introductions should be written last in the speech.

Conclusion is the last sentence or paragraph of an essay. It summarizes the key points that have been raised and restates the main ideas.

The introduction is what introduces the reader to the topic. It's a way for the writer to get their point across. The conclusion follows this introduction and summarizes everything that was discussed in the introduction.

Attract the attention of the reader. Begin with a "hook" that attracts the reader's attention and introduces the broad theme. Declare your main point. After your "hook," add a line or two outlining your paper's precise subject. Make a statement about your thesis. Include your thesis statement at the end.

When it comes to writing a speech in English, some people find it difficult to finish their thoughts because they have no idea how to end the speech. Others are afraid of not having a good ending and just end up with the same sentence repeated over and over again. A conclusive sentence that can work for almost any type of speech is “Let me leave you with this.” The more specific you are about where you want your audience to go, the better this phrase will work for you.

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