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Transform in Illustrator

Free Transform In Illustrator

The Free Transform tool lets you distort artwork freely. It can be used to rotate, resize, mirror, and bend an artwork.

In the toolbar, you will find the transform tool. It includes rotate tool, reflect tool, scale tool, shear tool, and reshape tool.

Rotate Tool - To rotate around a different reference point, select the rotate tool. Then Alt‑click where you want the reference point to be in the document window. To turn around the center point, choose Object > Transform > Rotate, or double-click the Rotate tool.

Reflect Tool - To draw the invisible axis across which you want the object to reflect, click anywhere in the document window to set one point of the axis. To reflect a copy of the object, hold down Alt and click to set the second point of the invisible axis. Adjust the axis of reflection by dragging instead of clicking.

Scale Tool - Scaling an object enlarges or reduces it horizontally (along the x-axis), vertically (along the y axis), or both.

Shear Tool - Shearing an object slants, or skews, the object along the horizontal or vertical axis, or a specified angle that’s relative to a specified axis. Objects shear relative to a reference point varies depending on the shearing method you choose and can be changed for most shearing methods.

Reshape Tool - The reshape tool allows you to drag a single point on a path, and it tries to retain the overall shape of the entire path, while you only move the one anchor point.


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