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A user can use the direct Selection tool to choose individual points on any object. We can also choose portions of any item and drag them to meet our needs. You can choose specific path points and segments with the Direct Selection tool, as well as add and remove things from the selection.

To start erasing, click and hold anywhere on your image and drag the eraser tool. The changes you're making are indicated by a white area. Release the mouse button to apply the alteration to the region, which will result in the vectors you've drawn being clipped.

The Eraser tool functions similarly to a brush. Like any other brush, you can adjust the size, hardness, and spacing. It's also possible to switch between Brush, Pencil, and Block modes. The Eraser, on the other hand, deletes undesirable pixels rather than painting on them.

The Scissors tool is used to split a path along a segment or at an anchor point. The Knife tool divides things by cutting them along a path you draw with the tool.

The Erase Mode, Eraser Shape, and Faucet are the three settings for the Eraser Tool. The Eraser Form option determines the eraser's size and shape.

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