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On the Tools panel, select the Selection tool. Double-click on the shape's stroke to select it. On the Tools panel or in the Property Inspector, select the Stroke colour box. Choose a different hue from the palette.

To utilise the Illustrator width tool, press Shift+W or pick the option in the toolbar. Click and hold any position along the stroke path to change the width of the stroke. This will result in the creation of a width point. To expand or compress that part of the stroke, pull up or down on these locations.

Strokes are the name given to drawn lines in InDesign. The Stroke panel in InDesign lets you to customise the weight (thickness), style (solid, dotted, dashed), and colour of your lines. You can also add shapes to the ends and size them whatever you want.

A long time ago, I had to modify the strokes in Illustrator. I wanted to make a line that looked like a bird and it was not very easy to do. But I was lucky because there is a plugin for Illustrator called 'Stroke' and 'Color'.

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