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Surprisingly, there are multiple tools in Adobe Illustrator under the line segment tool. The grid tool is an example of one of these tools. You can use this tool to drag a grid across your canvas by clicking and dragging it. The difficulty is that you don't have much influence over how your grid turns out.

The grid tool is located under the line tool on the tool panel. Select the "rectangular grid tool" by long-clicking the line tool. Then click anywhere on the document to bring up a dialogue box where you can fill in the values for your grid. You choose the number of dividers rather than the number of columns.

One of the most fundamental tools in graphic design and editing software is the brush tool. It's part of a painting tool set that includes things like pencil tools, pen tools, fill colour, and more. It allows the user to paint with the specified colour on a picture or photograph.

The Brush tool, which works similarly to a real paintbrush, allows you to paint on any layer. You'll also have a variety of settings to pick from, allowing you to tailor it to your own needs.

The Pencil tool is used to draw hard-edged freehand lines. A pencil and a paintbrush are two instruments that are very similar. The key difference between the two tools is that, while they both use the same brush, the pencil tool will not make fuzzy edges, even if the brush is extremely fuzzy. Anti-aliasing isn't even an option.

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