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Color theory is the science of mixing colours using the colour wheel, which is a diagram of primary, secondary, and tertiary colours. Artists, designers, marketers, and brand owners need to be able to mix colours correctly, use the colour wheel, and understand how colours connect to one another.

Temperature, intensity, and value are the three properties that distinguish each colour. The combination of these three elements creates the sense of depth and form in paintings, but value is the most crucial factor in drawing all forms convincingly.

If you're a designer and you have to create an illustration, it is not that easy. It is hard to find the right balance between being creative and realistic, because in real life there are always some limitations.

Design principles are the fundamental elements of a design. They define the structure and layout of a product or service. Design principles are used to create a consistent look and feel for a product or service.

Design principles are the rules or guidelines that help us to create stuff. They are not something that we can use to improve our work. They can be used as a guide for creating something, but they should not be used as a replacement for creativity and passion.

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