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Blog posts are designed using a grid system and are often composed of a header, footer, sidebar and main content area. Blog posts have an eye-catching design that makes them stand out to readers.


  • Illustrator allows you to create vector shapes and edit them with precision, which means that your designs will always look crisp and sharp.
  • It has support for CMYK color mode, which means you can create designs in different colors without having to worry about any conversions.

First thing first, open up Adobe Illustrator. Then select the text tool and type your blog post's title in the middle of the artboard. Then select "Type" from the menu bar and click on "Text Options". From there, you can change your font size, font family, color, and more.

Blog post design in Illustrator is a design tool that allows you to create blog post designs and illustrations. This is done by using shapes, text and other elements.

A blog post design in Illustrator can be used to create a website header, with pictures, text, and more. It can also be used for print advertisements or for any other type of marketing materials.

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