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Text tool is a very popular vector graphics editor which can be used to create text, logos, illustrations and other graphics. It is also a very useful tool for designers who are looking for a quick way to create simple illustrations or logos.

Text tool in Illustrator is a great tool to create a range of different types of documents. But when it comes to creating documents for the workplace, there are certain limitations. For example, you can't use text tool in Illustrator for creating emails and other forms of communication.

When you are the only copywriter in the company, you have to come up with content ideas for your clients. You can’t rely on your colleagues to do this. With a text tool like illustrator, you can write all types of content on a single page and share it with clients.

Illustrator is a vector-based illustration program. It allows you to create beautiful illustrations and logos using basic shapes, colors and patterns. The tool is made for designers, artists and illustrators who want to create digital content quickly without having to learn any new software or platform.

Illustrator is a vector graphics software that can be used to create images, logos, and other types of graphic designs. It can also be used for professional design work such as logo design and illustration.

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