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The revolve tool in illustrator is commonly used to create circular and hollow objects. We'll make a bottle today to learn how to use the revolve tool. Step 3: After you've finished drawing, pick it and go to the effects menu's rotate option. Effects>3D>Revolve.

Many of the features of a 3D text shape are the same as those of other IntelliShapes. You may alter its colour, apply textures, rotate it, and place it on other shapes, for example. Text is always three-dimensional in the scene.

To turn text into 3D letters appropriate for 3D printing, use a CAD programme like Blender or SketchUp to build the 3D text. You can use a rectangular frame for the text to sit on and extrude the text past the frame once you've typed your content. After you've finished, save your file as an STL.

The 3D text is placed and created in the Layers panel. The 3D panel provides access to 3D instructions, whilst the Properties panel allows you to add realism by applying the extrusion effect, distorting, and applying different materials. Working in three dimensions is quite simple, but you must pay great attention.

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