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The Envelope Distort tool is a helpful tool for designers who want to create a more realistic design. It allows them to distort the shape of an object or a shape in a way that it will look more like it was made by human hand.

When the rate of change of phase shift with frequency over the required bandwidth of the signal is not constant, envelope delay distortion occurs.

One of the most notable advantages of an envelope detector is its simplicity and efficiency. The benefits of utilising these gadgets frequently outweigh the drawbacks. Before being released as an envelope, a high-frequency input received in by an envelope detector normally travels through a few components.

Choose Object Envelope Deform Make using Warp after selecting the text or object you wish to distort. The dialogue box for Warp Options appears. Choose a warp style from the Style drop-down menu, then define any further settings. To apply the distortion, click OK.

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