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A social media post is not only limited to text, but also includes graphics or pictures. Therefore, it is important to know the process of designing a social media post in Illustrator.

Create your header:

  • Draw a circle for the social media post title
  • Draw an arrow pointing out from the circle
  • Add text above it with your company name or logo

2) Create your logo:

  • Draw a square with rounded corners for the social media post title
  • Add text around it with your company name or logo

A post design in illustrator is a way to help you set the mood of your illustration. This can be done by using different shapes, colors, and textures. It helps you create a more cohesive image that has an overall look and feel.

Social media post design in Illustrator is the process of designing a poster for social media. This can be done by using various design tools and techniques that are available in Adobe Illustrator.

The benefits of using social media post design in illustrator are many. It saves time since you don't have to open up Photoshop or other design software to make changes on the spot. It also makes it easier for you to create beautiful posts for your social media channels without having to worry about making sure that your images are aligned properly with text or adding links from within the app itself.

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