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Shapes Tool in Illustrator

How To Use Shapes Tool In Illustrator?

In the last video, we learned the basic handling tools of AI. Let’s understand basic shapes now.

We see basic shapes in our day-to-day life like PC, specs, wall clocks, etc. From the toolbar, select basic shapes. You can draw any shape by selecting them as shown. To fill color into them, click on the selection tab. Choose color as per your choice and fill it in objects. You can add stroke from the property bar. Also, you can change the width size of it. To move an object, click on selection and press SHIFT together.

Let’s make an emoji as explained in the video. Learn basic shortcuts from a video. As we know, in drawing, a line drawing is most important. In the line segment, you will find options like arc tool, spiral tool, rectangular grid tool, etc.; in the basic shapes tool, select any tool. You will see the property of that tool. Here, the rounded rectangle is taken as an example. Click on ok and see an object will appear.

In the line segment, there are more options available for basic shapes. Here arc segment tool is explained. You can change the length of the X-axis, Y-axis, type, and slope from here. Using a spiral tool, you can draw many attractive designs. After that, besides it, a rectangle grid tool is present. This tool offers many editing options such as horizontal/vertical dividers, skewing on the left/right side, etc. Click on ok; you will see a grid on your screen.

Same way, the polar grid offers grids in a circle. You can change concentric dividers and radial dividers from polar grid tool options. Also, skewing can be changed in/out or top/bottom. Click on ok. You will see a polar grid with defined values of grids. You can fill color in them and make them attractive, as shown in the video.

In the video, using basic shapes, how to design a logo is demonstrated. Watch it for better understanding.


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