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Grouping in Illustrator

How To Group Layers In Illustrator?

Groups are used to bundle artwork that you want to stay together when moving or scaling.

As shown in the video, when you move multiple objects which are making a shape, it moves individually. So to keep the shape as it is, the grouping is done on them. You can group objects from Object menu or use CTRL+G. Here, an example of a cloud and a tree is shown.

There’s a tool name ‘group selection tool’ under direct selection tool for editing a group. Select it, and you can make changes to a particular object. Now, if you want to ungroup a shape, right-click on it and select ungroup.

Now suppose you want to ungroup fill and stroke. For that, go to the object menu and click on expand. Click ok and ungroup it from right-clicking on it. You will see your border and shape are ungrouped.


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