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Difference Between Illustrator And Photoshop

Now, let’s see what the difference between Illustrator & Photoshop is.

Both the software are of the same company Adobe. Currently, they both design on the Creative Cloud version. Illustrator is based on vector, while Photoshop on the raster. Let’s understand the difference between raster and vector.

In the video, an example is given of both types. You can see, a raster image is a bit blurry while a vector image is not. Raster images get damaged when zooming in. Vector images do not change while scaling up or scaling down.

Illustrator is mostly used by Designers, who make sketches, characters. Photoshop is mainly used by Artists who make conceptual, interactive arts. Vector works in the grid area, while Photoshop work in pixels. Illustrator workspace is called Artboard, and Photoshop workspace is called Layer page. Illustrator can work outside the workspace, but Photoshop cannot work outside the workspace.

File saving time of AI (Adobe Illustrator) is fast, while PS (Photoshop) is slow in saving a file. When zooming in PS, the image gets blurry & messy. In AI, the image remains sharp & clear on the zooming. AI selection is based on Object, while PS on Area. 

AI layers contain multi objects, and PS layers have single objects. In the next lecture, we will see the difference between AI and CD (Corel Draw).


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