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Brush Tool In Illustrator

In AI, for drawing attractive borders, Brushes are used. It can be used in making a card or in designing a certificate. In the tools panel, you will find the brush tool. Its shortcut key is B.

The brush tool works on stroke, so it should be on. For accessing more brushes, click on the windows menu. Activate brush library from it. All brushes are vector brushes. The first such brush is the paintbrush tool. Select it from the toolbar.

You can see in the video how to apply different brush styles. In the brush library, there are several brush designs available. You can use brush strokes on any shape, too. Go to the property bar to change the color of the applied brush. But remember, you can’t change the color of the pattern brush directly from there.

For changing pattern brush color, go-to brush menu and select stroke options. Enable preview and change colorization method to tint. Now you can edit the color of the pattern brush.

To edit a brush, select an object from that brush. In the brush panel, double-click the brush thumbnail to edit it. Click OK and see the effect. Suppose you want to make a new brush. For that, first, select the objects from which you want to create a brush. Click the new brush icon from the brushes panel. Select a brush type in the new brush dialog box and click on OK.

Another type of brush is the Blob brush. Blob brush uses fill and stroke both. You can make a shape using a blob brush. On double-clicking on blob blush, a pane will open. In that, you can change the size, angle, roundness, etc., and draw objects.


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