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Stress management refers to the tools, tactics, and procedures that help you manage stress and the negative effects it has on your mental and physical health. Mental, emotional, and behavioural methods are among them.

Stress is a part of life and an unavoidable experience. We can find ways to manage our stress through mindfulness and meditation, practicing healthy habits such as exercise, diet and sleep, setting realistic goals and taking time to relax.

Stress management skills are important because they help you manage your time well, prevent burnout, and increase productivity in the workplace.

Stress management skills are crucial for everyone. Stress can be a good thing when it helps us to focus on the task at hand and work harder. However, stress can also lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

The benefits of stress management skills include:

  • Reducing anxiety and depression by improving mood
  • Improving health by increasing physical activity, eating well and sleeping well
  • Increasing productivity by being more productive at work
  • Improving relationships with friends, family members and colleagues
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Depression is a mental illness that causes feelings of sadness and hopelessness. People with depression may be sad, irritable, or have trouble sleeping or concentrating.

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