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The act of describing a problem, discovering the origin of the problem, identifying, prioritising, and selecting potential solutions for a solution, and implementing a solution is referred to as problem solving.

There are many different ways to approach a problem, and there are many different types of problems. However, the most common types of problems that people typically encounter in their day-to-day life can be broken into three groups:

  • Problems with a clear objective
  • Problems with an unclear objective
  • Problems without an apparent objective

  • Don't let enormous amounts of data fool you.
  • Dive under the surface to grasp the problem's underlying mechanism.
  • Expand your field of vision.
  • Define the problem's bounds.
  • Determine the causes, consequences, and important stakeholders.
  • Examine possible future developments.
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The most common types of problems are:

  • Information gathering problems, such as information gathering and research.
  • Problem solving problems, such as finding the best solution to a given problem.
  • Decision making problems, such as making decisions that are in the best interest of the company.
  • Communication problems, such as improving communication with customers or stakeholders.

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