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Creative thinking skills are the skills that allow us to create, innovate and think outside the box. It is a combination of problem solving, divergent thinking and lateral thinking.

Creative thinking is one of the most important skills that we need in our daily lives. It helps us to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas.

Thinking creatively improves your problem-solving abilities, which has far-reaching implications in both your professional and personal lives. Expressive, creative thinking allows us to question our own ideas, learn new things about ourselves and our perspectives, maintain mental acuity, and even become more cheerful.

Creative thinking can be split into two types: divergent and convergent. Divergent thinking is when you are able to come up with as many possible solutions as possible in order to solve a problem while convergent thinking is when you are able to synthesize all these ideas into one solution.

Some examples of creative thinking include:

  • Combinational creativity - combining two or more seemingly unrelated concepts to produce an idea that is new and different.
  • Problem solving - finding a solution to an existing problem by identifying the root causes and then coming up with possible solutions.
  • Creative visualization - imagining how things will be in the future and how you can change them for the better.

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