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  • Assertive communication typically involves being honest, direct, open-minded, and thoughtful. It also involves being respectful of others’ feelings. Aggressive communication often includes insults or put-downs which are not always truthful or appropriate.
  • Aggressive communication may make you appear confident but it can also make you appear intimidating and threatening which will cause the other person to become defensive or avoid you altogether.

Assertive communication is a style of communication that is designed to get your needs met. It can be done in person or over the phone, or even via email.

Aggressive communication can be intentional or unintentional. Intentional aggressive communication is when the speaker intentionally wants to hurt someone else's feelings in order to get what they want. Unintentional aggressive communication occurs when the speaker doesn't realize that their words are harmful and have a negative impact on other people's lives.

  • Assertive communication is a process of communicating with someone in an open and honest way while being respectful. Aggressive communication, on the other hand, is when someone communicates in a way that they would not like to be communicated back to them or when they are trying to control what others do.
  • Aggressive communication can have negative effects on relationships and cause people to feel angry or uncomfortable. Assertive communication can help improve relationships by creating a sense of trust and transparency between people.

Assertive and aggressive communication is a form of communication that is used when the speaker has a goal in mind. It is a form of communication that is often associated with aggression, but it can also be seen as assertive and confident.

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