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Vector Tools in Photoshop

How To Use Vector Tools In Adobe Photoshop?

In this video, we will learn about every vector tool like rectangle tool, rounded rectangle tool, ellipse tool, polygon tool, line tool and custom shape tool. To add object on any image, vector tool is necessary. In previous video, we saw custom shape tool. You will find the shape, we made in custom tool.

In video, rounded rectangle is explained for example. You will learn how to change border, radius of corners, and border style. If you take circle, polygon or any shape, you will notice properties are same for every shape. On changing feather radius, object is becoming blur.

Let’s see line tool. Draw a line using Shift so you can have straight line. You change color and width of it. In properties, you will find many options.  In line tool, you can change feather radius, too.

So this way, in Photoshop, you can draw shapes with the help of vector tools.


Vector tools in Photoshop are graphic design tools that are primarily used for creating shapes, logos, illustrations, and other graphics. They are usually created using computer software, but some people use traditional drawing techniques. Vector graphics use mathematically curves to generate images. The curves are drawn with a mouse or other input device.

Vector tools in Photoshop are a time-saving and creative way for designers to create. These tools allow users to work with shapes and scale content without any loss of quality. Vector graphics also reduce the time it takes to change colors, resize, or export files.

Vector tools are helpful in design because they can be scaled to any size without losing clarity. Vector graphics are made up of shapes, lines, curves, and text which make them great for animation. This is because they are made up of mathematically precise instructions that create sharp lines which don't blur at high magnifications.

You can use a drawing tablet to use vector tools in Photoshop and other photo editing software. The drawing tablet works much like a mouse, where you can click and drag your pen on the surface of the tablet to create lines. As well as using it to control the brush size and opacity in your selected tool, such as Pencil or Pen tool.

In today's modern world, most companies rely on technology. With the help of this technology, we can transform objects into something that is different from its original form. For example, you can take a circle and turn it into a square. These transformations are called vector operations and is done with the use of vector tools.

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