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Type Tool in Photoshop

How To Use Type Tool In Adobe Photoshop?

The Type Tools are what you will use when you want to add text to a Photoshop document. The Type Tool comes in four different variations and allows users to create both horizontal and vertical type.

The Type Tool Options Palette will always appear whenever a Type Tool is selected. This is where you can perform basic formatting to your type, such as changing font, font size, alignment, and color. But know that there are more formatting options in the Character and Paragraph Palettes.

Variations of Type Tools :

Horizontal Type Tool - The Horizontal Type Tool is your basic type tool. It allows you to create basic text on a horizontal plane.

Vertical Type Tool - This tool allows you to create basic text that is written on a vertical plane (from top to bottom).

Horizontal Type Mask Tool - This tool creates a selection of the text rather than live text. The selections can then be used to create masks and clippings.

Vertical Type Mask Tool - This tool creates a selection of the text rather than live text. The text will be formatted on a vertical plane. The selections can then be used to create masks and clippings.

The Warp Text feature in Photoshop allows you to warp your text in many different styles from an arch, to a flag, to a fisheye effect.

In video, every type and features are explained with examples. This way, you can write in a Photoshop document.


There are many tools in Photoshop that can be used to alter and edit images. For example, if you want to edit the color of a picture, you can use the paint bucket tool. If you want to change the size of an object in a picture, use the transform tool.

The type tool is everything you need to create professional-quality designs. You can choose from over 700 fonts, customize the size, orientation and color of the font, and even apply text effects like bolding, italics or underlining.

The type tool in Photoshop is a great way to create text and add it to your design. With this tool, you can choose from a variety of fonts and sizes. You can also use the foreground color or background color of your design to make the text stand out.

The type tool in Photoshop is one of the most important tools. There are 14 options for using it. Some of these include straight type, curved type, aligned to path, aligned to selection, and more. Selecting an option will change the text box appearance and how the text behaves when typed into it.

The Type Tool in Photoshop is an easy-to-use, customizable way to add text to your design. There are many ways to customize with the type tool, but this article will outline how to change the color of your text.

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