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Path Selection and Direct Selection in Photoshop

How To Do Path Selection & Direct Selection In Adobe Photoshop?

Path selection tool in Photoshop is used to select and move Paths.Paths can be created with the Pen Tool. Once you've created a path, you can select and move it with the Path Selection tool. Located in the Tools panel, it looks like a plain black mouse pointer.

First, open your current Photoshop project, and choose the Path Selection tool from the Tools panel (or press the A key). Then find the "Select" setting in the top options panel, and make sure it's set to "All Layers". This will allow you to select any path in the project, even if it's not currently active.

Click anywhere inside the document with the Pen Tool, then drag a short distance away from the anchor point.You’ll see an anchor point with lines extending out from it.It looks like we have three anchor points, one on either end and one in the middle, with two path segments connecting them. If we look a bit closer though, we can see that the points on either end are a bit smaller than the one in the middle, and that they're actually a different shape. The one in the middle is square, and as we've seen, an anchor point is square, but the ones on either end seem to be diamond-shaped.

So what exactly are those lines then that are extending out from the anchor point? They're direction handles! Direction handles are used only when creating curved path segments. There's no need for direction handles when creating straight path segments. There's usually two of them, although sometimes there's only one, and as we've already seen, they extend out from anchor points. You will understand better with shown example in video.


Paths are the lines that you use to create linear selections. They can be straight, curved, or even completely free-form. One way paths are used is to create objects out of a photo by using the Pen tool. You can also use paths to select something in an image and apply effects like filters or paint strokes.

When you are working with an image in Photoshop, you can make a selection by dragging your cursor across the screen. This will allow you to cut out a specific object from the rest of the picture. This is often referred to as direct selection.

Path Selection is used to select an area of the image, usually with the pen tool. This selection can be used for copying and pasting of existing shapes, filling in areas with the color or pattern of your choice, adding drop shadows or other effects to specific areas.

The Direct Selection Tool in photoshop is a very versatile tool. It can be used to modify the shape of an object, or to move multiple highlights or individual pixels. You can also use this tool for a number of other tasks, such as creating a clipping mask for a layer, selecting all the contents of a layer, and more.

Path Selection is a technique for selecting shapes one by one. By dragging a selection tool across objects in a document, you can make decisions like: which object you want to select and which objects should be unselected. Direct Selection is the opposite of Path Selection; it selects objects in a single operation by clicking or dragging on them with the selected tool.

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